Law Offices of Robert Taylor

(Est. 1986; Closed 2022)
Represents Physically or Psychologically Injured Federal and U.S.P.S. Employees

The Following Resources (URL links) are made available to our Clients and to those who have taken the time to review our website. We hope they provide valuable information and forms useful in pursuing Federal workers' compensation claims but we certainly recommend that they be used in consultation with the Firm:

FORMS (Click on the Underlined Portion)

CA-1  (Claim for Traumatic Injury)
CA-2  (Claim for Occupational Injury)
CA-2a  (Claim for Recurrence of Injury)(Be very careful about using this form. Consult counsel first)
CA-7  (Claim for Compensation Benefits)
CA-7a  (Time Analysis Form)
CA-7b  (Leave Buy Back Form)
CA-10 (What a Federal Worker Should Do When Injured At Work)
CA-20 (Physician's Statement) (Do not be fooled into relying just on this form for your medical evidence. You must have a fully rationalized medical opinion report. Consult an attorney concerning the elements of such a report or your claim will fail)
CA-35 (Evidence Required in Support of an Occupational Disease Claim)
OWCP-5a (Work Capacity Evaluation Psychiatric/Psychological)
OWCP-5b (Work Capacity Evaluation Cardiovascular/Pulmonary)
OWCP-5c (Work Capacity Evaluation Musculoskeletal)
OWCP-915 (Claim for Medical Out of Pocket Reimbursement)
OWCP-957 (Medical Travel Reimbursement Request)
SF1199A (Direct Deposit Form)