Handles Federal Workers' Compensation Claims Before the Office of Workers Compensation Programs, Hearings & Review Branch, and Employees Compensation Appeals Board of the United States Department of Labor 

The Law Offices of Robert Taylor has been representing Federal employees and United States Postal Service employees in all States and Territories since 1986 in claims for physical and psychological injuries (stress) suffered on-the-job. The firm has handled many hundreds of CA-1 Traumatic Injury Claims, CA-2 Occupational Injury Claims, and CA-2a Claims for a Recurrence, and has presented numerous Scheduled Award Claims before the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), Hearings and Review Branch (H&R) and Employees' Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB) of the United States Department of Labor under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (5 U.S.C. § 8101, et. seq.). The firm strives to assure a coordination between a client's workers' compensation, OPM Disability Retirement, Social Security, and OPM Regular Retirement Claims. The firm also handles claims against 3rd parties when their negligence has caused injury to the Federal or U.S.P.S. employee.  

Law Offices of Robert Taylor

(Est. 1986; Closed 2022)
Represents Physically or Psychologically Injured Federal and U.S.P.S. Employees

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Law Office of Robert Taylor
Fardale St., SE
Vienna, VA  22180
Tel:  (571) 225-6180

UPDATED 12/2/2022

Dear Current and Former Clients, 

The Estate of Robert Taylor regrets to inform you that Robert Taylor passed away on September 10, 2022. His law office is closed effective immediately. You will need to retain the services of another attorney to represent you in your legal matters. It is recommended that you retain the services of another attorney immediately so that all of your legal rights can be preserved. The following law firms may be of assistance as you seek new counsel:

  • Aumiller Lomax: (856) 843-4179
  • The Devadoss Law Firm: (888) 351-0424

You may need a copy of your legal file for use by you and your new attorney. If you or your attorney need your file, please send a written request to robert@lawofficeroberttaylor.com. Please make arrangements to pick up your file, or have your file transferred to you or your new attorney, by 12/31/2022. It is imperative that you act promptly to preserve your legal rights. On behalf of Robert Taylor we would like to thank you for giving him the opportunity to provide you with legal services.

In addition to being an attorney who always put his clients first, he was a loving father, husband, grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend. In lieu of flowers, we welcome you to make a charitable donation to National Public Radio in his name. 

The Estate of Robert Taylor